Countdown to Geekmas Day 12: DIY Papercraft Zombies Makes This Calendar a Scream (sorry)

With the end of the world upon us in a couple of days, it's no surprise that I have zombies on the brain. Not that there will be any left when the world explodes, but you know, I'm operating under the general apocalypse premise. (Just run with it. ;)

Zombies have been such a fad this year that I've been able to bring you all of the following with a Zombie theme:
But this Countdown item might just be my favourite zombie-themed accessory from the whole year, since it lasts for another whole year! You guessed it, it's a zombie 2013 calendar. And even better, it's a papercraft 2013 zombie calendar. Which means that every month for a whole year, you can make your own little paper zombies! (and have them attack your office supplies, co-workers, kids... whatever you have near you)

The zombies are cartoonish and brightly coloured, wearing all the latest fashions... you know, just like real zombies. Actually, they're all a little highschooler-turned-walking-dead and largely devoid of blood. Not exactly authentic zombies but still kewl.

I found it on ThinkGeek and Amazon, although it looks like Amazon might be sold out at the moment. Definitely a fun little stocking stuffer for the zombie fan on your list. 

Credit: ThinkGeek
Credit: Amazon

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