Countdown to Geekmas Day 14: This Washable Keyboard Might Just Be The Smartest Thing Ever

Perhaps you know someone who has been as lucky as me (with my klutzy hands) to have spilled a coffee all over their keyboard. Fun times. If it was a personal computer, that likely meant a trip to the store to buy a replacement. If it was a work computer, that experience likely resulted in some shaming by their co-workers, followed by an embarrassed call to the help desk to procure a (hopefully) shiny new keyboard.

And don't get me started about keyboard re-use at the office! Anyone who has ever inherited a keyboard has likely had the opportunity to type among a plethora of crumbs and sticky keys. {barf} Sure, a can of compressed air will help shoot away the dirt among the keys, but that doesn't get rid of everything. {shivers} Honestly the whole experience is so disgusting.

Thankfully, Logitech has a washable keyboard which just might be the most sanitary office supply ever invented: It features fade-resistant keys and drain holes so you can rinse or even dunk it when it gets grimy, and then let it drip dry. Brilliant.

If you have a clean freak or even just someone who eats at their computer (aka a human), a washable keyboard might just be the best idea for under the tree.

Check it out in action: I love when it gets completely dunked into the water. Can't do that with just any old keyboard. Personally, I think it would be awesome to gift this to someone inside an aquarium. Can you imagine the look on their face on Christmas morning? LOL