Countdown to Geekmas Day 3: They'll Love This Book About Stuff Zombies Hate

Zombies Hate Stuff Cover.
Credit: Greg Stone
Got a zombie lover on your shopping list? They can be so hard to shop for, what with all the blood and gore and the like. What. A. Mess.

Thankfully, author Greg Stones has put together a nice, neat little picture book about zombies.
And all the stuff they hate.
Like kittens.
And weddings.
And even war re-enactors.
(But according to the description on Amazon Canada, zombies don't hate Canadians. Is that a good thing?)
Zombies are pretty pissed off creatures, so frankly I'm surprised this book isn't even thicker.

The illustrations are clever and honestly quite funny (especially when you notice that the zombie is identical in each one. But then again, zombies aren't exactly known for their wide variety of facial expressions.)

The question with this gift is whether it will actually make it out from under your tree. I'm pretty sure that you might find it a bit too addictive to give away, so you might want to consider ordering a spare copy for yourself.

Or you could give it away and just watch this video version over and over again. (Not that I've done that and giggled endlessly at the silliness of it all. Nope. Not me.)

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