Countdown to Geekmas Day 5: Geek Goes Chic in this Pandora-styled Charm Bracelet

Do you have a girl geek to shop for this Christmas? Lucky you! I mean, they're so handy to have around, don't you think?. Well, it's time to reward her for fixing your computer and kicking your ass at Ghost Recon by finding her a gift that will truly live up to her high nerd factor. And you've got so many gift options to choose from; first and foremost because most girl geeks I know hate pink-i-fied crap so you can pretty much get them anything a geek guy would like.

[Aside: If you are pausing to ask yourself why, I'm going to remind you about my message to you this past Mother's Day: don't buy her any tech that is "specially designed for women". Just no. (Seriously, head on over to my post "What NOT to Buy a Geek Mom for Mother's Day (or: Why I Hate Tech Targeted 'To Women')" and take a read. I'll wait.]

Got it? Good.

Now, most of the geeky stuff I am blogging about this month (or pretty much any month) is suitable to both genders. However, if you want to get her something a bit more on the femme side, you might want to consider a geek-inspired tattoo fantastic charm bracelet. Now, I'm not referring one of those fancy custom bead ones that are all the rage. No. I mean this one from ThinkGeek.

ThinkGeek Charm Bracelet
Credit: ThinkGeek

At first glance, it might look like all the other ones with its baubles and silver cord. But the eagle-eyed observer might spy a portal cube, a Mario-inspired mushroom, a computer... even a Timmy bead. (If you don't know Timmy, you don't know ThinkGeek.) (Seriously, he's the company's monkey mascot.)

Beads for ThinkGeek bracelet
Credit: ThinkGeek

The thing I like best about this bracelet (other than the high nerd rating) is the price: those other bracelets are way more expensive and they aren't anywhere as kewl. ThinkGeek only offers 8 beads right now, which means you can build her a custom bracelet that's all geek all the way, or mix and match some of the beads with those from one of those other bracelet companies to add just a hint of geek to her piece.

Either way, it's got both geek chic and nerd cred. So, in a word: Perfect.

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