Countdown to Geekmas Day 9: Digits Turn Any Gloves into Texting Gloves

So one of the old bystand gifts is gloves. And over the past couple of years, the trend has been texting gloves. Now you thought about procuring a pair of texting gloves for your giftee, but you found out that they already have gloves. In fact, they have enough gloves to last them a lifetime. Or they like mittens (I love mittens). What then?

Well, lucky for you, it turns out that a couple of years ago, a Quirky project was funded to develop Digits: conductive pins you can attach to any pair of gloves.

Any pair of gloves.
(Or mittens!)

I discovered these in a happy accident while shopping for Christmas gifts on ThinkGeek, but it turns out that you can find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond and other stores. According to the comments on the Quirky page, the pins work well on fabric gloves that aren't too thick, and you really only need one or two for your index finger(s) so a set of four will actually convert 2 pairs of gloves or mittens.

A few people did comment that the inside metal piece can get a bit cold against the skin, but others suggested attaching a little felt sticker to the pin if it gets really cold on your finger. These are really ingenious: how can you argue with the option of turning any of your favourite hand warmers into texting-friendly hand warmers?!

In fact, there are a couple of sets under the tree but I need to figure out if they are both going to be gifts or if hubby and I will crack one open and use them ourselves :)

Digits pins - Credit: Quirky

Digits pins - Credit: Quirky

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