Found! Santa Got an Upgrade From Reindeer to Exoskeleton

If you were lying in bed waiting for the old guy to bring you your new Samsung Galaxy 3 or Gangnam Style Remix DVD, you might have heard some strange noises overhead. Unlike all the previous years, the pitter patter of flying reindeer feet went silent this year, as Santa hit the trails on his own for once. Yup, Rudolph had the year off thanks to Santa's bright and shiny new exoskeleton:

View of exoskeleton
Credit: Andertoons
And the best part? It's entirely made of Lego!

Cartoonist Mark Anderson designed this lovely creation with a number of clever details, including flexible joints, Nice and Naughty arms, a storage space and of course, rockets for flying all over the world.

View of Nice arm Closeup on back of exoskeleton

Pretty amazing if you ask me, although I have two questions:
  • Where did he find so many red pieces?
  • Wouldn't this have been awesome in Lego Mindstorms? He could have actually made it walk and move! (Yeah, I know: ingrate. Never happy, this one.)
Regardless, I just love the idea of Santa getting a little high tech to get around at Christmas. So what's next? The toy factory? I mean, who other than Apple uses people power anymore? (Oh no she didn't!)

You can check out more photos over on Mr. Anderson's Flickr account. (How many of you just said: "Mis-ter An-der-son..." in your heads like I did? The Matrix FTW!)

(Source: Fast Company)

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