Funny Alternatives to Lorem Ipsum Could Brighten Up Dull Design Projects

Pretty much every designer has employed the use of Lorem Ipsum, the fake latin-style text, to fill space in a mockup. I have used Lipsum for as long as I can remember but every so often it might be fun to inject a little hidden humour into a mockup and see who is paying attention.

And what better way than with some of the more creative lorem impsum generators? Here are a few you might consider using on your next project:

Riker Ipsum generator
Yes, Number One has his own Lorem Impsum. And it's definitely a lot of fun. Unlike other lorem ipsum generators which allow you to specify how much text you need, this one is a bit more manual to operate. It loads with two lines of Riker quotes and you can adjust the amount to suit your needs with the Less and More buttons. (Source: Boing Boing

Hipster Ipsum
Ok, this one might become my new go-to. From the bored, annoyed intro text to the "Beer Me" button (instead of submit) and the immediate appearance of "siracha" in the first line of text, this one had me at "sigh".

Of course, there is a special place in my heart for this one (where do you think our Dude got his nickname?). Lebowski Ipsum is a combination of traditional Lorem Ipsum and quotes from The Big Lebowski. You can pick your characters, add in profanity, and even make it extra Dude-riffic. And since there is so much regular Lorem Ipsum thrown in, it would be funny to see if your client notices. (Or maybe not).

You can find tons more with a quick search for "funny lorem ipsum" including bacon, cupcake, tv show jingles, Newfie, and tons more. Whatever you need to get through yet another iteration of that design. Right?

Just promise me one thing. Don't go to print with any of these. Like the French winery Tissier Roland did on a batch of their 2009 red... 



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