How To: Automatically Text Your Key Contacts When Your Phone is About To Die

Being an Android lover, one of the things I have to put up with (for the time being anyway) is a battery that just won't last me longer than 6 hours on standby (a mode I never ever use) and a couple of hours of continuous use or serving as the WIFI hotspot for my tablet (my standard MO). If I am unfortunate enough to be away from a socket for extended periods of time, it will inevitably die and I am left completely unreachable by hubby, the Dude's school or anyone else who might need to reach me.

Now until I decide to shell out some cash for a spare battery, a portable charging unit or a recharging purse, I just have to resign myself to the fact that my battery will inevitably conk out on me occasionally. Which is why I was so intrigued when I saw a tweet from @jefffisageek about Last Message.

Last Message is an app that will send a text to whomever you choose when your phone is about to die. In my case, it will text hubby to give him an alternate way to reach me.

It only took a few seconds to set up. You can choose contacts from your phone, Twitter, Facebook or email and you can specify the text you want them to receive. In my case, I just chose hubby from my contacts list and specified 15% battery life as the trigger to send him a message, so he wouldn't get it too often, and I wrote a note saying that my phone is about to die, and to reach me on my Blackberry if he needs me. I also included my BB number so he could have it handy.

Boom. Now I don't have to worry whether he needs to reach me when my battery dies, and I don't have to monitor my Android when I am out. Handy and dandy.

I saw some smarty pants on LifeHacker mention that he wished his phone would text him its GPS coordinates right before dying so that he could find it even when the battery is dead. Now that would be a great app, don't you think? Anyone who has lost their phone in the house and had the battery die before they found it knows exactly just how handy that app would be. Meantime, at least you can warn your friends, family or other important contacts when you will unintentionally be offline. Still a pretty great app, IMHO.

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