Obligatory Retrospective Post: The Spydergrrl on The Web Top 12 Posts of 2012

Credit: Playing with fire
by Duncan Smith, on Flickr
It's the New Year which means that I, as a blog owner, am responsible for at least one retrospective post examining your behaviour on my blog in 2012. So here you go.

With a new post each business day this year, there were a lot of posts that I enjoyed writing. Interestingly (to me), the ones I like best don't always make the top list. So what did you like best? Let's take a look at what you were reading over the past year.

Here are the Top 12 Most Popular Posts of 2012 on spydergrrl.com:

  1. Apple Maps: Epic Fail or Stunning Tribute to Salvadore Dali? 
  2. Giant LEGO Wall Stickers Are Just. Too. Fun.
  3. The Best Job in Canada: Lego is Hiring a Master Model Builder
  4. Happy Pi(-nstein) Day!
  5. Lego Thinks Girls and Boys Can't Play Together
  6. Solving the World's Worst Email Etiquette Problem: Reply All 
  7. Can a Font Solve Dyslexia? 
  8. No You're Not Paranoid: Eavesdropping Mannequins Could Be Invading Your Privacy
  9. 3D Printing Transforms Claymation on ParaNorman Movie 
  10. London Paralympic Games Video Streaming Tech is Impressive, Interactive
  11. The Most Useless Twitter Stat (And How You Can Make it Better)
  12. Social Media for Non-Profits: Doing It With Purpose (SoCapOtt presentation slides and script) (BTW, if you are new to social media, this is an end-to-end primer on running a campaign)
Now, there were also a number of older posts that kept showing up in the most popular column on my blog throughout the year. In fact, I was surprised by the ones that had people coming back, and still coming as of this week. It would seem that my search engine placement for certain topics is high enough that older posts are generating new traffic each and every day. Did you find the blog through Google? (Trust me, I can say Google with certainty, not Bing or Yahoo. You, my dear reader, are a Googler.)

Here's a look at the Top 12 Most Popular Older Posts for 2012:
  1. Countdown to Geekmas Day 16: EPIC Lego Death Stars (yup, 2 Death Stars!) (2011)
  2. Hallowe'en Costume Geekspiration (2010)
  3. Friday Fun: How We Call the Dude for Dinner (2011)
  4. Geek Art: These Are Not The Droids You Are Looking For... (2011)
  5. Steampunk Apartment. Can't. Breathe. So. Kewl. (2011)
  6. Kewl Design Alert: Gorgeous Steampunk Octopus Jewelry (2011)
  7. Geek Awesomeness: Epic Post-It Art Battle (2011)
  8. Countdown to Geekmas Day 10: Steampunk NERF Gun (2011)
  9. PSA: Only you can stop Comic Sans abuses (2010)
  10. Creepiest fish in the whole world (2009)
  11. Awesome Geeky Bookends (Update: Now with more GEEK) (2011)
  12. When good dev projects go bad: illustrated (2009)
Did you read any or all of these? Need to go back and do some catch-up? You wouldn't be the first. I know that my 5-times-a-week posting schedule far exceeds most people's spare time allotment, but even if you only visit once in a while and find something you like, then it's all worth it.

The highlight of the year for me was posting my 1,000th post in December. I considered it quite a writing achievement, even if most of the content leading up to it was snarky, opinionated, pseudo tech news. It's what I do, and what I promise to continue to do, 5 times a week in 2013. I hope you will join me as I explore new trends in gel culture, science and tech. There will be more Little Geek goodness this year, as well, for those of you interested in bringing science education home.

And so with the requisite retrospective post completed, I declare: Cheers to us, dear reader. Here's to the new year, and plenty more geeky goodness.

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