Possibly The Oddest Star Wars Accessory Ever (and of course I want one)

Have you ever thought about decorating your stand mixer? You know, that mixer with the bowl that snaps in, the mixer you use to make cookie dough? Of course you thought about decorating it, right? Because everyone decorates their stand mixer. With Star Wars. Right? (Seriously, this is a thing?)

Yes, seriously. Someone thought of this. And of course it's on Etsy. And naturally, I. Must. Have. It. In fact, I plan to order it and not tell hubby or the Dude about it. And some Sunday morning in the near future, I will pull out the stand mixer to do some baking and I expect to hear the Dude exclaim something that includes the words "Darth Vader", "mixer" and "awesome". Yup. Must. Have.

Would you put Star Wars on your mixer? They have other designs (including this fantastic dragon), you know, but of course none are this kewl.

Credit: FlipFlopGraphics on Etsy
Absolutely nerdriffic.

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