Wakeskating: The Insane Sport of Skateboarding on the Water

Wakeskating is quite possibly the most insane sport I have seen in quite some time.

Hubby and I came across this video on the weekend and as fans of extreme sport documentaries, we were totally taken from the beginning. But don't be fooled. Oh, sure it starts all calm and fun: look he's wakeboarding! And then 0:39 happens and you suddenly realize: he's not attached to that thing! And he just flipped it like a skateboard AND THEN LANDED ON IT.


He is skateboarding on water. WTF?

And what exactly is he using to skateboard on the water? Wakeskating boards are somewhat like skateboards in their design, but are specifically built for the sport. According to Wikipedia:
the top surface of the board is covered with griptape, (in a similar fashion to a skateboard) or a soft, high-traction, foam, usually referred to as EVA foam, covering that is kinder to riders in the inevitable crashes and also allows a rider to ride barefoot. Riders usually wear shoes while riding to afford themselves extra purchases on the board, similar to skateboarding.
Inevitable crashes. {shivers}

Apparently the shoes are also sport-specific, with quick-dry materials and drainage channels. Although it seems that the community doesn't think they are necessary as evidenced by this forum where the advice is along the lines of "Put something on your feet and go shred" or this more practical advice: "just find some shoes that float".

So equipped with basically skate shoes, specialized boards and (most surprising?) street clothes, off they go skimming along the water doing tricks, flips and spinning their boards as if they were on land. Needless to say that I have the utmost respect for the guys and girls who can pull off that level of athleticism. I am definitely not coordinated enough to ever try this (let us take a moment to remember the outcome of my snowboarding experiences); I consider myself lucky just to be coordinated enough to run on a treadmill.

I also have the utmost praise for the sports documentary filmmakers who so beautifully showcase these crazy moves. This video isn't just breathtaking to watch because of the action, it's also designed to be beautiful.

So, sit back and take in the beauty of insanity.

If you want to know more about wakeskating and see more insane images, check out this section in Wakeboarding magazine.

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