What's Going to Be Hot in Tech in 2013? Find Out as International CES Starts Today!

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Cars, televisions, phones, computers, home automation, startups, apps... yes it's that time of year again. International CES is once again upon us, bringing a preview of all the latest vaporware technology to be released over the next year. That's right, just in time for your wallet to be entirely devoid of cash and your credit card to have racked up all sorts of charges from Christmas comes CES, the Comicon of the tech industry, showcasing all the shiny new gadgets that will hit the shelves during 2013. So start coveting now, nerds, because this tech shopping-palooza only comes once a year.

Last year's event saw over 153,000 attendees drooling all over bigger televisions, faster processors, smarter phones and all sorts of crazy contraptions on the innovation floor. This year, according to a recent hangout with CES CEO Gary Shapiro, some key trends are expected to include:
  • cars connected to the internet
  • apps
  • ultra HD and,
  • the largest screen expected: over 110+ inches
Personally, I like that apps are starting to gain more prominence at the event. According to the CES site, the event will include a number of app-related events, including a Hackathon with a $25,000 purse, a developer university, Appy Hour to promote app sponsors, Wall of Apps and an app showdown. CES used to be about the hardware and its evolution to include software and showcase the apps themselves is likely going to open the event up to a broader audience. More people means more $$$, which is always a smart move.

Historically, one of CES' key trends has been vaporware: It's not always guaranteed that announcements will actually yield products. Wired recently highlighted 7 exciting tech concepts announced at CES 2012 that still have yet to see the light of day, such as MySpace TV or a $3,000 1TB USB Swiss Army Knife. It will be fun to watch the announcements coming out of the 2013 show and guessing which ones will never reach the consumer.

One trend that is not going to continue this year is that of the Microsoft keynote. After Microsoft held the main spot on the agenda for 15 years, QualComm's Paul Jacobs will be taking over. Apparently his appearance will include the usual roster of celebs and music performances, and will focus on the theme "Born Mobile". The preview video is a little low-key but the topic is interesting, perhaps even a bit obvious. It will be interesting to see if they show a strong vision for the evolution/ innovation of mobile in our lives. Side note: I almost threw up at the use of the word "Convergence" at 1:36. I was suddenly transported back to 2001 when that was pretty much the buzzword of the year.

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I tend to avoid mainstream media when it comes to following tech news, preferring to hit web-based tech outfits like CNET for insight on what to watch. Here's a quick list of some of my fave tech sources that you might want to follow to stay in the know:

Let the coveting begin!

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