Zombies: Science Says They Could Be Real (Start running!)

Congratulations. We survived the end of the world. After a year full of weird news including a couple of zombie-like attacks complete with face eating, it looks like we've turned a corner and managed to escape 2012 pretty much unscathed.

Well, maybe. It seems we might not be entirely out from under the zombie threat quite yet.

See, ASAP Science took a look at the science behind zombiefication. And what they found might surprise you.

First the good news: There is pretty much no chance that anyone will crawl out of their grave once they die. So no zombies will come back from the dead.

The bad news? Apparently we don't need to die to become zombies. Oh, no. It's much easier than that. And it starts with our noses. Apparently, the design of our noses is such that there is an olfactory nerve that runs right up into our brains. So if the right virus came along, it could attack that nerve and then kill off just enough of our brains to leave us semi-functional and very (rightfully) pissed off.

According to the video, the right virus nerve specificity could turn a person into a zombie-like "super-hungry aggressive braindead being that can't recognize their own family members or control their own actions to do anything other than feed."

Mother F.

I thought we were over this. Thankfully, I have an IFTTT recipe set up to text my phone in the event that the Centre of Disease Control in the US declares a zombie emergency. You know, just in case.

By the way, you've been pretty aggressive lately. And ravenous. Should I be worried? (backs away slowly...)

Let's check your symptoms in the ASAP Science video:

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