Get Smarter: Fantastic List of Science Sites, Blogs and YouTube Channels c/o MinutePhysics

MinutePhysics is one of my favourite nerd channels on YouTube. In short, quick videos they explain the some of the most basic and sometimes even complex science concepts, using the CommonCraft approach (i.e. using a combination of stick figure drawings and simple narration).

In fact, I've featured a few of their videos before on touch and trees. I even dedicated an entire article to telling you how amazing MinutePhysics really is (see Smarter in 60 Seconds). So of course, I couldn't pass up sharing their latest video with you. It's a compilation of what are likely their content sources: their favourite science blogs, websites and YouTube channels.

It's like a virtual science nerdfest in there. I recognized some of my faves, including I F---ing Love Science (I love their Facebook page), VSauce (I showcased their videos about the weight of shadows and the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog) and TedEd (which I introduced to you back in November), Ted's education-focused resources.

If all that geeky goodness in a two and a half minute video wasn't enough, they have kindly listed out each and every one of the sites mentioned in their video description (which I have stolen reproduced at the bottom of this post for your convenience).

Check it out! (Warning: Nerd content ahead)

List of sites from the video

(Some sites NSFW.)

Big Red Button -
xkcd -
xkcd what if? -
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal -
Empirical Zeal -
Sean Carroll -
Terry Tao -
It's Okay To Be Smart -
I ¶#@*ing Love Science -
NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day -
Radiolab -
HyperPhysics -
The Scale of the Universe -
The Character of Physical Law -
Fake Science -
Veritasium -
Sixty Symbols -
Periodic Videos -
Crash Course -
The Brain Scoop -
Smarter Every Day -
Vi Hart -
George Hart -
Numberphile -
Vsauce -
TED-Ed -
MinuteEarth -

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