Nerdriffic Cufflinks Help You Commemorate the Now-Defunct Canadian Penny

So, yesterday was the Canadian penny's last day of life. Pennies are no longer being produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and are expected to exit circulation entirely over the coming years. Then they will be just one of those things that we tell our kids existed when they were little, and they will look at us cockeyed, not believing a word we say.

Meantime, if you want to commemorate the penny, what better way to do it that with these future collectibles: penny cufflinks from Etsy, featuring the now-defunct Canadian coin.

Credit: Cufflinked on Etsy
My brother took a look and said, it would be awesome if you could get the penny year corresponding to your birthday (or maybe some other significant event in your life). I would be willing to bet that if you supply the designer (in this case, Cufflinked) with your own pennies, you might be able to negotiate having them produce you a custom pair.

I love the look of these and the cultural significance. What a sooper nerdy way to pay your respects to the coin that enabled you to buy so many candies at the corner store when you were growing up.

The Penny is Dead, Long Live the Penny.

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