OttawaStart Blog Wants to Know: What are Your Favourite Ottawa Blogs?

Ottawa Start is a fantastic source of info for what's going on around Ottawa: where to go, what to eat, and even who to read.

Back in 2009 and 2011, Ottawa Start compiled and published lists of Ottawa blogs to help you fill your RSS reader. They read like a who's who of the Ottawa blogosphere, and helped me fill my own reader with lots of local goodness. What makes the lists fun is the specifically local flavor and the breadth of topics from art to food to family and so forth. In fact, the selection has been pretty broad to suit most tastes.

Interestingly, the compilation was broken down into both a primary list of top Ottawa blogs and a secondary list of less known sites. Since things change so quickly on the Web, those lists serve as a bit of a time capsule, now: You might be surprised at who you might find if you peer into those past lists. For example, if you check out the B list from 2011, you might notice a little local blog called FoodiePrints. Back then, they who were still up and coming and didn't manage to make the main list! (Somehow I think they'll be there this year ;)

Well in accordance with what seems to be a two-year cycle, Glen Gower — who runs the site — is at it again, preparing an updated list for 2013. And he needs your help: head on over to his site and comment with the name of your favorite Ottawa blog. Maybe it's a town fave, maybe it's a little known site that you think needs more visibility. Whatever it is, just make sure to head over and share it with Glen so he can compile a comprehensive list.

I've already contributed some of my faves: naturally, FoodiePrints, along with Apt613, and satirical site The O-Dot. So crack open that RSS reader and consider: what is your favorite Ottawa blog?

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