See Bill Nye the Science Guy in Ottawa on March 14th (if you can score a ticket)

Some people go to concerts. Other people go to the theatre. Me? I go to science shows. Last year it was Mythbusters, and this year, it's... Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Everyone's favourite bow-tie emblazoned science prof is paying Ottawa a visit and I have my ticket thanks to my (Reddit-addicted) friend @macjudith.

[Incidentally, I think @Macjudith is setting some sort of record for shoutouts and referrals, providing me with fodder for two posts in two days. Yup, she's just all kinds of awesome.]

If you love Bill Nye and want to come nerd out with 3000 of your closest Ottawa geeks, here's what you need to know:
  • The evening is hosted by the University of Ottawa Science Student's Association. They have a page on their site with event logistics and not much more.
  • Their Facebook event page is where they are posting all their updates.
  • The talk is not going to be on campus. It's actually going to be at the Ottawa Convention Centre.
  • Tickets are only $10 which is an amazing price (not that I needed to tell you that).
Now, @macjudith made sure that I knew about the show as soon as it was announced, and despite my being in an offsite meeting all day I managed to remember to log on and procure a ticket almost immediately after they went on sale. Which is really fortunate because it would appear that they have already sold out. *POOF* gone in the first day.

But don't worry.

If you don't have a ticket yet, the organizers are all over it. According to a Facebook post by one of the organizers:
Today we sold an amazing, unbelievable, 2,492 tickets! As a result, we are incredibly close to our current ticket cap of 3,000. As a result, we have been forced to halt our online sales.

The good news is that we are expanding our reservation at the Ottawa Convention Centre. That means there will be a second wave of tickets made available hopefully some time next week. I will keep you posted.
See? They've got your back.

If you happen to be on either Ottawa U or Carleton U campuses today then you might be interested in knowing that:
There will be tickets available in the Marion common room (283) and the HSS office (75) tomorrow morning, but availability is limited. There have been 150 tickets set aside for sales at Carleton University on Friday as well. Tickets will become available at 10 am at MRN and HSS and will be there until they are sold out. The 2 ticket cap will remain in effect.
Otherwise, if you really want a ticket (and of course you want a ticket), what you need to do is Like the Facebook page so you can get their updates in your Facebook feed and then check back until either more tickets become available or they add a second show. Either way, your chances are pretty decent at this point.

Meantime, if you want to see how much fun Bill Nye is in person, check out his presentation at Cornell from 2011 in which he talks about his Dad's work on sundials and his own Solar Noon Clock. (Not only is he a fantastic science prof, but did you know that he worked on space tech like, oh, you know, Mars rovers?) Oh, and he covers his mom's time working on the Enigma Code. As @nellleo likes to say, the nerd apple doesn't fall far from the nerd tree.

(Note: The sound gets a little fuzzy at times)

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