Announcing Two Chances to Join Me for "Hacking is a Mindset, Not a Skillset"

Are you a hacker?
Want to be?
Don't know what that means?
This post is for you. (all of you)
Adopting a hacking mindset means incorporating clever, ethical, enjoyable, excellence-seeking behaviour into our everyday lives.
Back in January, I spoke at Girl Geek Dinner on the topic of hacking as a mindset, not a skillset. I had been thinking about the topic and writing about it in various forms throughout the last year, but that was the first time I had compiled all of my thoughts into a single cohesive unit and delivered it as a presentation. The subject matter seemed to resonate with some of the folks who caught it both at GGD and later when I posted it to the blog, and I have been asked to present it again at a couple of upcoming events.

And the best part is that you're invited!

Agile Ottawa: Tuesday March 19

For those interested in Agile, you might want to come out to the next Agile Ottawa meeting at Fusebill in Kanata. Whether you do development, project management, business analysis, or work in a shop that is considering going agile, you will hear all about hacking your projects, your workplace, your thinking and your life. I'm thrilled to be tag-teaming this presentation with Ottawa's Agile Coach extraordinaire, Ellen Grove who will offer the agile perspective on the topic. Colour me excited! (#fangirl) This presentation is expected to run about 45-60 minutes, bookended with networking on either side. You can RSVP on the Agile Ottawa Meetup page.

Canadian Library Association: Friday April 12

If Kanata is too far or agile's not your thing, you have one more chance to catch my talk (before the horse is dead and I need to stop beating it). I'll be speaking over the lunch hour at the Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library on Friday April 12th. The Canadian Library Association (@CLAOttawa) has asked me to join them to present my original talk (aka the one I gave at Girl Geek Dinner in January). The Main Branch Auditorium is big enough to accommodate about 190 people, and since the CLA only expects 40 or so attendees, they have kindly suggested that I extend the offer to anyone else who might be interested. So, if you're downtown over the lunch hour and want to learn about hacking your own perspective, consider coming out!

Can't make it?

And if you can't make it to either event, don't forget that I posted my script and slides with Creative Commons license, so you can read it, re-use it, hack it and share it at will (with proper attribution, of course). Because, as you'll hear in the presentation,
hoarding information or locking it down in the name of intellectual property or profit is counter-intuitive to innovation.
If you're into information freedom, collaboration, hacking your thinking and influencing the next generation, then I hope to see you on March 19 or April 12!

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