Kewl Design Alert: Automated Paper Airplane Launchers (that you can make!)

@bethmaru sent me a tweet this morning and I was sooooo happy that I clicked to view the video link. It revealed this phenomenal Lego Mindstorms machine that we don't have nearly enough MindStorms to make. #sadPanda Wonder if there is a way to hack it and make it on a smaller scale?

Why is she so excited, you ask? Because it's a paper-folding, airplane launching marvel! No, seriously.

The machine starts by taking a single sheet of paper and then folds it multiple times into what can only be described as a perfect paper airplane. Then, when it's finished, launches the thing! At impressive speed too!

Want to do this at home? No problem! You can spend a few thousand bucks on Mindstorms, and try to find the plans to build it or.....

You can get an easy kid-friendly kit from 4M.

Yep, we have a powered paper airplane launcher and although it's doesn't have the Lego kewlness factor, it is however a very fun electronics project made for kids. They assemble and wire it, and then use it to launch paper airplanes with, again, a surprising amount of force. You might recognize the airplane launcher kit from 4M  from the gift shop at your favourite science museum or the science section at your favourite toy store. Definitely worth the investment and only about $12 or so. See it in action below:

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(Source: @bethmaru)

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