Mashable's SXSW 2013 Keynote on The State of The Web (or as I call it: The Good, The Bad, The SOPA)

So South By Southwest started on Friday and Mashable did one of the event keynotes, talking about the State of the Internet. Their talk is a simple, if a little basic, explanation of the Internet's history, present (including the policy landscape) and potential future. And when I watched it, I thought it might make for handy presentation fodder for us Web and Web 2.0 folk.

Now, if you work on the Interwebs and you dabble in social media, the first two minutes will be a nice refresher of stuff you likely already know. And then it gets interesting with updated facts and figures about Internet usage. The stream of numbers coming out of this thing made me feel like I was listening to someone read me an infographic, but it works. 

The highlight for me was the list of things that happen in an Internet minute:

The Good:
  • 204M emails sent
  • 1.3M videos viewed
  • 2M searches performed
  • 6M web pages viewed
The Bad:
  • 20 identities stolen
  • 95% music pirated
  • 232 computers hit by malware
  • 12 websites hacked
And so on.

Other things I learned:
  • 9x more Tumblr users REpost other people's content than post original content. (Apparently Tumblr users have nothing original to say, so it's essentially a bunch of "what she said"?)
  • By 2015 there will be twice as many connected gadgets on the planet than people. (SkyNet is not too far off.)
  • And be warned, Mashable behaves like a total Google fanboy in this video with all the talk of Googling, Google Fibre, Google Glass... (Not that I'm complaining, but an entire video about being online and not a single mention of the iPhone or smartphone revolution it kicked off? A bit of an anti-iThing agenda, perhaps? Again, not that I'm complaining ;)
Take a look and see what stands out for you about the state of the web. (I just have two words for you, people: CAT HOLOGRAMS!)

[Aside: To be honest, I'm posting this because the entire explanation of memes is done using GRUMPY CAT. And I just don't think that meme gets old. JK]

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