Why Is Bill Nye THE Science Guy? (Bonus: He's Live Tonight in Ottawa)

Last month, I told you that Bill Nye The Science Guy is giving a lecture on all things science tonight in Ottawa, thanks to my alma mater Ottawa U. And I hope that if you were interested, you did your darndest to score a ticket for this thing because BILL NYE, you guys!

If you were a child of the 80s (or a frequent viewer of PBS shows), then I don't even need to tell you why this is an awesome opportunity. If, however, you lived in a cave, or your formative years were before or after the time of big hair, neon and shoulder pads, then please enjoy a couple of videos below which will show you why I loved him then, and still love him now.

The Show We Grew Up On

First up, let's take a walk down memory lane. Those of us who grew up with Bill Nye will remember the awesomeness that was The Science Guy show, what with Bill's deliberate tone, simple explanations of science facts, synthesizer sound effects and uber cheesy 80s graphics.  But we didn't care! We were too busy learning! science!

Good times, good times.

And in this particular episode, children of the 80s you will totally remember "Join me, Robin Leach for Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!" Double throw-back.

The New Show

And then there's this newer version of the show, with a shorter (and yet as-punchy) intro, showing that the man has not changed one bit in 3 decades. Which is why we STILL love him, and our kids love him. And why the Dude begged begged begged me to come along to the conference. (Of course, I burst that bubble when I explained that he would be lecturing, not doing a live show like when we saw Mythbusters last year.)

The show was taken over by Disney and is now delivered in short chunks as more of a science segment, but honestly, it's still relevant, fun and excellent.

Bill Nye, Science Pundit

And then there's Bill Nye for Grown-ups. The Bill Nye that shows up as a science pundit on news shows and propagandist faux-news shows (I'm looking at you, FoxNews) and debunks idiotic myths and lies. Like in this clip where Bill addresses climate change naysayers on Rachel Maddow.

And of course, this is the Bill Nye that does the lecture circuit. (You can check out a great video of his Cambridge talk in my earlier post.) Tonight promises to be a fantastic event, and if you're as much of a Bill Nye fangirl/ fanboy as I am, I hope that you will be there to enjoy it. See you there!

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