Zombie Chocolate Bunny is Just The Thing For a Happy Geekster!

The lovely nerds over at ThinkGeek have a history of putting out some pretty crazy ideas on April Fool's (like the iCade, a portable arcade stand for iPads) which become so popular that they actually end up becoming real products.

This is one of those cases. The Zombie Bunny was just a joke item posted a few years ago by those trickster ThinkGeekers, and people loved the idea so much that now you can buy them from the site.

The scary bunnies are made from white chocolate, with lots of candy blood and braaaiiiinnnnssss.  And they're gangrene green, which makes them at once gross and awesome. I can think of a little nerd who would go crazy for one of these on his Easter hunt. The question is.... would this little green guy contaminate all the other bunnies? According to local lore the site,
Problem is the gaggle of regular chocolate bunnies usually available for mid-morning snacks at the ThinkGeek office somehow became infected with a deadly T-Virus. Rather than allowing these delicious infected rabbits to rampage and attack the ThinkGeek staff we decided to ship them to your house...
Consider yourselves warned...

Credit: ThinkGeek

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