Introducing a New Format for Spydergrrl On The Web

Credit: Julian Colton (Own work)
via Wikimedia Commons
I'm excited to announce today that Spydergrrl on the Web is evolving.

This site has been my passion project for the past 4.5 years: it started as a hobby, providing me with an outlet to catalogue some of the more interesting tech and geek culture finds I came across on my travels along the Interwebs. For the first 3 years, the content was sporadic, as I posted randomly a few times a week. Two years ago, I made the commitment to start bringing you geeky goodness 5 times a week. Since then, it's been a fantastic ride bringing you the latest in apps, sites, design, Star Wars, Lego and other nerdy trends from across the Web.

But my passion for all things geek has started to wane and the site, along with my interests, must evolve. I just don't have the energy or the desire to post about things like 3D printers, new personal gadgets or the future of wearable tech anymore.

And so as of today, Spydergrrl on the Web is becoming a different kind of blog. As you all know, the Dude is almost 10 years old and he keeps us incredibly busy. As we invest so much time into that little person, it only makes sense that our interests are changing. They say, 'write what you know' so "The Dude's Mom" will be your one-stop shop for all things child-rearing: parenting advice, kids' products and cheap outings. Plus lots and lots of photos of the Dude: being coy, being cute and getting into all sorts of trouble! ;)

After all my research into Web security and privacy, writing about my personal life just seems like the next natural step.

Here's a look at some upcoming posts on "The Dude's Mom":
  • How to turn a math test into a park outing, 
  • Doing science with sparkles, 
  • Baking your way through Romeo and Juliette. 
This is going to be fun! I hope we can take this journey together!

A site change wouldn't be complete without a new logo, and so here is the new look of "The Dude's Mom":

Credit: ThinkGeek

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