Nerd Girl Theater: Geek! from Vampire CowBoys (NYC)

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Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of the theatre. Probably because very little of it explodes and there aren't nearly enough movie references. ;) But THIS! Oh, how I would love to have the chance to see this!

Credit: Vampire Cowboys
What's that you ask? That is GEEK! And it sounds incredible:
With pissed-off Pikachus, steam punk armies, stood-up Sailor Moons and roller-blading monsters on the prowl, it's easy to get lost in the Inferno-esque anime convention where the fans, the otakus, and the geeks prowl. But to score a rare signature from their comic book idol, teenage outcasts Dayna and Honey will take on obsessive magic players, Jedis and elfs, cosplayers and convention guards - through all nine flights of Ohio's Dante's Fire-Con - to get a chance to shake hands with their pop-culture hero.
Doesn't that sound amazing?! It's like ComicCon with an actual story line!

Take a look at the costumes:

Credit: Vampire Cowboys
That's right: it's not only a nerdfest, it's a nerd-girl-fest! Strong, nerdy femme characters! Le sigh.

According to the New York Times:
“Geek!” is a riot of visual invention. Kristina Makowski and Jessica Shay’s costumes are wondrous riffs on “Star Wars,” superheroes, princesses and Japanese she-warriors. The puppet designer David Valentine has created Squeaker, a giant furry Pac-Man of sorts (but with legs). Matthew Tennie’s video effects add sparkle. The weapons and abundant battle scenes surely kept the fight director, Ray Rodriguez, busy.

And you know what? It was written by nerd girl, Crystal Skillman, who wrote the play specifically for Vampire Cowboys theatre troupe and actually funded the production through an IndieGogo campaign. Oh, and she is completely adorKable. [For proof, see the video below, in which she and the rest of the Vampire Cowboys troupe have some fun, demonstrating their fundraising campaign through interpretive dance. Love!]

The only thing that could make GEEK! even this better is if it was webcast. Or if there was a new IndieGogo campaign to turn this into a roadshow. You know, maybe getting a stop in Ottawa so that those of us nowhere near NYC could take in the nerd-girl awesomeness. I will be following Ms. Skillman and the Vampire Cowboys on the Twitters to see if there is any chance this production hits the road. (fingers crossed)

Meantime, if you find yourself in NYC some time between now and April 13th, you might want to head over to St. Mark's Church on East 10th Street to catch a performance. And then please please please send me an email and let me know just how awesome it was. It sounds like a ton of fun, not to be missed by any self-respecting GEEK!

GEEK! Dance:

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