New Headshot Makes Me Look (and Feel) Like a Super-Spydey!

You guys!

Hubby has been dabbling in photography for the last year and when I needed a headshot, I asked if he would oblige.

Well, it turned out incredible and I just had to share! He's obviously awesome considering I hate having my picture taken. I mean, really hate having my picture taken. I smile all frozen and awkward which is why I had the idea of doing my trademark smirk, since it goes so nicely with all the snark on my blog. ;)

I've become incredibly accustomed to my cartoon alter-ego but I'm loving this shot far too much. You might see this popping up on various social media profiles, instead of the avatar. You might have already noticed it over on the Twitters, Facebook or Google Plus. If not, check it out below.

I feel like I need to start introducing myself as: Grrl. Spydergrrl. Too much?

Spydergrrl (Photo courtesy of Victor Hanna Photography)

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