Phenomenal: Kid's Incredible At-At Walker Helps Him Heal Post-Surgery

I came across this story last night and although yesterday's post was Star Wars-related, this was too good to pass up sharing with you. Trust me, it's the perfect balance of nerd and uplifting to round out your week.

Here's the backstory: A 4 year old has surgery on his legs and dreads using his walker. A family friend mentions in passing that the shape of the little walker he's using reminds her of an At-At. Another friend (a cartoonist, no less) offers to transform it into an actual At-At.

So off he goes with the walker and returns with this.

Credit: Stephanie Kaloi
Credit: Stephanie Kaloi
Absolutely the kewlest walker that ever was.
And of course, their little guy fell in love with it (where he once loathed it) and it helped his recovery.
Sunshine and unicorns.
But the story doesn't end there. Oh no. It gets even better.

As the mom, Stephanie Kaloi, writes on Offbeat Families:
if you REALLY want to geek out, a friend of mine posted a photo on Reddit and WILLIAM SHATNER COMMENTED ON IT. Did your fandom heads just implode? 'Cause mine just did.
Oh, yeah. Nerdriffic.

You need to head over to Offbeat Families to get the entire story. And I absolutely feel the need to mention that she refers to her son as "Dude". A kindred spirit, for sure. :)

Isn't that just pure awesome? Yes, yes it is.
See? Nerdy and uplifting.
You're welcome.

(Source: Geekologie)

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