Star Wars Dog Tag Necklaces Are All Kinds of Nerdy Fun

So I was browsing the Etsy the other night, and I typed my fave keywords into its search engine: You never know what you'll find when you punch "Star Wars" into that crisp, clean white search bar. To date, I've discovered lots and lots of minifig jewelry from earrings to cufflinks, decals for your appliances, and adorable baby clothing and accessories.

This time, what caught my eye was a series of dog tag necklaces by PicMeAlwaysDesigns that feature Star Wars references, fun sayings and Lego accessories. Take this one, for example:

Keep Calm and Carry a Lightsaber.
Credit: PicMeAlwaysDesigns on Etsy
So awesome. And you can request either a blue or red light saber, depending on your leanings within the force.

And then there's this "Support our troops" message, whose double entendre makes me smile (especially as an air force brat).

Keep Calm and Support The Troops
Credit: PicMeAlwaysDesigns on Etsy
For your more femme Jedis, you might want to consider this blasphemously Hello Kitty inspired Darth Vader dog tag. But really, you shouldn't. Because... Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Darth Vader.
Credit: PicMeAlwaysDesigns on Etsy
Seriously. That's just wrong. And I'd better never have to type the phrase "Hello Kitty Darth Vader" ever again as long as I live.

Ahem. One alternate to the first dog tag I showcased is this version that comes with a matching reusable shopping bag, so you can proudly claim your Jedi status everywhere you go. Because you're bad-ass and you just know that no one is gonna mess with you if you have one of these.

Credit: PicMeAlwaysDesigns on Etsy
And then there's this. A WARNING: no self-respecting Star Wars fan is ever to walk around with any item depicting this most shameful of all characters. That said, we must applaud PicMeAlwaysDesigns for her sense of humour on this one:

JarJar Binks: Epic Fail dog tag
Credit: PicMeAlwaysDesigns on Etsy
Epic fail, indeed. LOL

Each of these items falls in the $20 range CAD (except for JarJar who has a discount, apparently) and the shipping to Canada is actually nominal. A cute way to profess your Star Wars nerdiness and still be fashionable. Mother's Day is coming up... maybe mama needs a lightsaber pendant...

Which one would you choose?

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