The Real Cost of Being Iron Man (and Some More Affordable Options)

So you want to be Iron Man. Of course, you do. Admit it. There's something about Iron Man. Mmm. Iron Man. Tony Stark. Robert Downey Jr. It's all good.

[Ahem. Let's try this again.]

With Iron Man 3 hitting the theatres soon, our favourite snarky billionaire genius playboy is definitely on the brain. So you want to be Iron Man. But despite the obvious lack of available technology, what would it take to be him? And let's be clear, you can't be Tony Stark. You can try, but you can't. You can, however, try to emulate him and all of his magnificent toys. If you have the brains and the bank account.

But how much bank roll? Geeks Are Sexy (yes, we are) posted a great infographic from MoneySupermarket (below) that tells you just how much: from his home, to his cars, to Jarvis, to all those suits... And you know what? It's expensive being awesome. Like $30,000,000,000 expensive. If you think you can get there, I suggest you start saving your pennies and studying your engineering and nuclear physics.

Otherwise, you might want to consider some more affordable options like, say, this display suit which I saw on The Mary Sue. It's hitting the market some time this Spring and will only run you $8500.

Iron Man Display Suit via Sideshow Toy
But that's just for show. You'd rather have something you can wear. I get that. How about this incredible Steampunk Iron Man Costume that I blogged about in one of my Hallowe'en posts. This piece of gorgeous nerdery won the Marvel Costume Contest at Comic Con 2010. Stunning. (And definitely NOT $30 Billion.)

Steampunk Iron Man via Agent M Loves Tacos
Still skeptical about that $30 Billion figure? Here's the infographic that breaks down how much it costs to be Iron Man. Thankfully, it only costs $12 to get into the movies, so I can get me a lot of Iron Man without breaking the bank.

Click to view full sized at Geeks Are Sexy

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