Dress Up for Your Next Race in Cosplay Running Gear!

If you've ever been to a running race like a marathon, you may have noted that some people get all dolled up in costumes and/or wigs. Especially if it's a charity event, you might see people running in feather boas, tutus, brightly coloured wigs, ginormous hats, and for the more adventurous, full head-to-toe costumes. Yesterday, on our way to our race, we spotted a funky purple-and-white mullet wig on the passenger in the car beside us, and spotted it again in the corral for the kids' race. All we could think was: damn, it's gonna be hot under there.

I'm pretty serious about my running, so needless to say that costumes have never been a consideration. Until today, that is. Because holy crap I just found out that there is someone on Etsy who makes freaking COSPLAY RUNNING OUTFITS!!!!

Actual technical clothing so you can be a comfy runner but dressed up like your favourite superhero or fiction character. Like for instance:

How about something a little subtle to start with: like this Batman outfit. Simple, not too over the top. (We're starting simple, here. Just wait till you see what's coming!)

Batman Running Outfit from iGlow Running
Or how about this completely adorable Alice in Wonderland outfit.

Alice in Wonderland Running Outfit from iGlow Running
But my favourite is this Wonder Woman costume! With cape, wrist bands and headband! (sold separately)

Wonder Woman Running Gear from iGlow Running
I have never liked running skirts but dammit if I wouldn't just LOVE to wear this one.

Sadly, no spider-man (or spydergrrl) outfits. Boo. But, if you happen to be running a Disney race some time soon, you should really head over to iGlow Running because she's got a running outfit for pretty much every Disney princess. Including Merida.

Talk about fun! Wonder if they might do a camo one, since I have the Army Run coming up in September. Might be fun to go all GI Jane... ;)

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