EPIC: @Cmdr_Hadfield Makes Space Oddity Video on ISS (And Wins The Internet)

So, yesterday, you might have caught that the uber kewl (and Canadian!) Commander Chris Hadfield was handing over the reigns of the International Space Station to crewmate Pavel Vinogradov. That's right, no more incredible photos and funky ISS-related Twitter updates from the master Tweep. However, being the incredible marketer generous person that he is, Chris Hadfield had a little trick up his sleeve.

Turns out that he put together his own version of Space Oddity (aka "Major Tom" aka the David Bowie space song) while he was up on the ISS. And he shared it on YouTube. And, as you would imagine with all of the other social media stuff he's been doing, it's amazing. (And apparently, his son Evan is to thank for much of his social media prowess. Great article about that in Teaching Kids News.)

Indeed, you'd better watch this, log off and go outside because this. wins. the Internet.

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