Friday Fun: Robot Unicorn Attack is an Absurdly Addictive Memetastic Game

Today is the birthday of my friend, and yours, @nellleo. And it's the unofficial start of summer here in Canada: the May two-four long weekend. [For you non-Canadians, we know that this weekend doesn't always fall on May 24th, but since that's Queen Victoria's birthday, this weekend is always referred to as May two-four.] And so I wanted to find something fun that would help you pass the hours till your 3-day weekend freedom. Now, as usual...

[Disclaimer: This site does not endorse complacency and loafing in the workplace. This site will not be help responsible for any revenue or productivity lost as a result of informing you of this lovely, addicting distraction.]

Ok, with the lawyers my conscience appeased, here is your super awesome thing of the day.

Robot Unicorn Attack!

Credit: Super B Wallpapers

That, my friends, is an actual GAME.

That's right, you can be an robot unicorn!

Launched by Adult Swim back in 2010, Robot Unicorn Attack is playable online or as a downloadable app for iOS and Android. The game format is "endless running" which means that your goal is basically to avoid being hit, running off cliffs and other obstacles in exchange for points. Wikipedia explains:
The object of the game is to prolong gameplay without falling off the stage, crashing into the edges of platforms, or colliding with crystal stars (without first dashing). Points are earned with play time, by collecting pixies, and by destroying crystal stars by dashing though them. As the game progresses, the stage slides faster.
Pure mindless fun, really.

And if the original version just isn't enough for you, then there are other releases you might want to check out, including:
There are lots of comments and articles that cite the game as pure mindless, addictive fun. Which is probably why there were a million downloads in their first week of launch back in 2010 and why it has become a bit of a meme. (Need proof? Do an image search for "robot unicorn attack") Consider yourselves warned!

Happy time-wasting ;)

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