Hilariously Inappropriate Office Toy: Flying F*ck Remote Control Helicopter

Swearing at work is cathartic. Science says so.

In fact, when I last managed a team, I circulated the study I linked to above, and told them that they should feel free to express themselves in the workplace when they felt the need, as long as they didn't do so in front of clients. And it we had a lot of fun with it; folks you wouldn't normally expect to drop an S-bomb or an F-bomb would do so, feel better, and get back down to business.

It became enough of a joke in the office, that I was compelled to blog about this little office toy when I came across it back in late 2008. If you weren't a follower (which is likely, since there were very few of you back then), you likely missed "Probably One of My Favourite Things": The F-Bomb

Bwahahaha. Still love that one. But it's no longer my favourite.

No. Because hubby discovered this next lovely toy. One that permits you to immediately convey your current frustrated state to anyone near you. Or to tell them to shut up without having to say a word.

Ladies and gentlemen: a flying f*ck.
Credit: Amazon
An honest-to-goodness cheaply made, highly breakable (according to the Amazon reviews) remote control helicopter that screams your devil-may-care attitude towards everyone around you. Colleague says something inane? Give them a flying f*ck! Client driving you crazy? Give them a flying f*ck!

But wait, I thought the whole point, per the addage, was that you don't give a flying f*ck, right? Which I guess means that you can't possibly give this as a present to someone. Or per the video below, you can gift it to show the people closest to you that you really do give a flying f*ck. :)

See it in action here: (Warning video contains lots of, well, beeping.)

(Source: Hubby)

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