It's Time To Vote! Pick Your Fave Apps in Apps4Ottawa Contest (Til May 31)

Back in March, I told you about the Apps4Ottawa contest. It's an initiative from the City of Ottawa to encourage the public to share their data needs which developers can then turn into apps, while competing for prizes. The contest has proceeded through the idea generation and app submission phases and now the fun starts: we get to vote for our favourites!

You can check out the full list of apps on the Apps4Ottawa Apps page. And you know how many there are to choose from? 67! There is a lot of repetition, so the key is to look at the apps and compare them before voting.

For example, there are 4 platform-specific versions of the Offline map of Ottawa, which is too bad because if it had been build in HTML5, then maybe it could have been platform agnostic. Of course, this way, there are 4 entries into the contest... (Offline map of Ottawa in Java, Windows, Blackberry, Android)

But there is also a lot of overlap in terms of the ideas that were selected by app developers. Seems that there are certain problems we like to focus on. For instance, I counted:
  • 2 defibrillator location apps
  • 3 garbage/ recycling apps
  • and a whopping 9 bus tracker apps!
But there are also some gems like the SnowDay Shutdowns app which texts you if your school or bus route is unavailable in inclement weather. Or Woof which can be used both to locate dog-friendly parks but also to alert other app users of a missing dog. And the ingenious Curbside Goodies that can be used to snap pics of items people put out to the curb and share them with GPS coordinates for convenient pick-up. Imagine how handy that would be on Ottawa Giveaway Weekend!

What did I vote for?

I mentioned back in March that my personal fave, the app I use almost daily on my commute: the OC Bus Tracker app developed by Sean Kibbee. Here's why I'm such a fangirl: It's clean, light, quick and very user-friendly. And accurate. And when it's raining or snowing or worse, this one tells me how long I'll be waiting for my next bus. Love love love this one! (Seriously, if you haven't tried it, you need to head over and give it a try ASAP. Even better if you try it directly from your smartphone.)

Support Local Developers!

Whatever your pleasure, head over to the Apps4Ottawa site and support local developers by casting your vote! You have until May 31st and the winners will be announced in June. Good luck to all!

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