Music Monday: Cmdr. Hadfield Joins Elementary Students From Across Canada for a Sing-Along

Credit: Music Monday
If you have an elementary school-aged kid in your house, then you're probably aware that today is Music Monday. Generally, it's an event held at schools across the country to promote music education. The students spend a few weeks learning a song, and then at a pre-determined time, they all go outside to their school yards and sing it, knowing that students at schools everywhere in their city, province and beyond are doing the same.

And it's no small event. According to the Music Monday site, last year there were 600,000 participants across Canada. And it's even stretched to the US, Australia, Britain and Hungary. Check out the map to see the fill list of locations.

Their tagline is "Fill the skies with music" which sounds about right. In fact, this year, it's even more right because they have a special participant: Commander Hadfield up in the International Space Station.

Did you know that not only is Commander Hadfield involved in all things science education and but he also supports music education, too? He actually helped co-write this year's Music Monday song and recorded a music video from space. And if that's not enough, he's going to be live-linked to the Canada Science and Technology Museum here in Ottawa where some lucky students will be participating in the sing-along live! (Not the Dude, he'll be in the yard with the rest of his school.)

This year's song even has a space theme: ISS (Is Someone Singing) is written from the perspective of an astronaut on the ISS, looking down on Earth and longing to return. Lyrics includes lines such as: "Floating in my seat, look out my window, there goes home, that brilliant ball of blue is where I'm from and where I'm going to." It's a really cute song (see video below). You can check out the full songsheet and arrangements on the site.

So what's the point? The site explains:
We are creating an event that can be used as a platform to inspire public celebration, awareness and discussion every year. We want to provide a tangible demonstration of how music programs shape young lives and the fun young people have in making music. is our hope that the public, particularly parents, are encouraged to actively support quality music education, and that our administrators will make the right decisions for our children and education – an education that includes music as a pillar to a well-balanced educational experience.
And they've managed to bring a science twist to it? How awesome is that!?

Check out the song, sung by co-writers Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies and Commander Hadfield along with the Wexford Gleeks, Canadian Nation Showchoir champions.

(Source: The Dude)

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