Patton Oswalt's Parks & Recreation Star Wars Filibuster is Now a Movie! (Sort of)

Credit: Entertainment Weekly
Last month, I told you about the rehearsals for Patton Oswalt's guest appearance on Parks & Recreation in which he improvised an EPIC 8-minute Star Wars movie proposal that contained everything from the Avengers to Clash of the Titans to the Fantastic Four. Not only was it a complete nerdfest, but some folks over at EW actually turned it into an insane movie poster. (Pictured right)

If you didn't see the outtake, it was a breathless delivery of the most insane movie ever imagined by a man who can only be described as an uber-geek. A geek that the rest of us geeks can only aspire to one day be like. Nay, to one day hope to be like. LOL. Seriously, if you missed it, go check it all out right now. It'll be worth it, I promise.

Ok, now that you're caught up, here's the rest of the story.

Someone has turned the filibuster rant into an actual movie! Well, sort of. It's actually like a papercraft version of a movie, but regardless it's a ton of fun, if only for the fact that it makes the story a lot easier to follow given that it's entirely animated right on the screen before you. You just have to check it out!

[Aside: Btw, if this is your brand of nerdiness, then you need to head over to Reddit this afternoon from 4:00-5:30 Eastern for an AMA (that's Ask Me Anything) with Mr. Oswalt himself! It's a holiday here in Canada, and it's well before the fireworks so you'll have plenty of time to nerd out before continuing with the festivities ;) ]

(Source: Kotaku)

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