Star Trek vs Star Wars: Short Film Shows The Outcome If The Death Star Ever Took On the Starship Enterprise

The folks over at IGN Entertainment released this great short last week that claims to settle once and for all who would win in a showdown between two epic movie franchises fictional superpowers: The Dark Force vs. The Crew of the Starship Enterprise.

Here's the setup: When the Enterprise shows up in San Francisco, the inhabitants of Earth just can't figure out what it's doing there. The Imperial Army investigates and takes up the offensive using its most powerful weapon: the Death Star.

This short is actually a remake of an earlier version released in 2009. Chances are you never saw the first version. Which is probably a good thing because it was choppy, fuzzy and all around awesome for 2009 but pretty terrible for 2013. But if you want to see how far the IGN crew has come in four years, the original is posted below as well. It's your chance to take a little trip to the past. (I would say memory lane, but given that the original only has 600,000 views in 4 years, there's a pretty good chance that you've never seen this before.)

It's a fun little flick if only for the slow setup to the inevitable result; you can feel the tension mount. I'd like to claim that the battle that ensues is the battle to end all battles, but in fact... well, just watch.

The Original

(Source: Geekologie)

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