The 5 Things I Want to See At Social Capital Conference This Weekend

This weekend I will be cloning myself simultaneously hanging out at Social Capital Conference and (finally) throwing the Dude's gaming birthday party at iPlay. Which means that my Saturday will be split between a bunch of  excited chatterboxes loudly talking, laughing and generally having tons of fun, and well, ok, the same thing but just in smaller packages. :)

I wasn't going to attend the conference initially given my need to be out in Kanata for the afternoon, but I was invited to attend as a guest of Chevrolet Canada who was totally ok with my split schedule. And suddenly my excuses were gone. Good thing too, because I have a bit of a wishlist forming in terms of what want to see.

Here are The 5 Things I Want to See at SoCapOtt:
  1. Sessions that can help me with my blogging: Like the session on Blogging and Intellectual Property which is definitely a point of interest given the fact that I spend my days writing about other people's stuff, ideas and products;
  2. Absolutely anything and everything on Data! MOAR data! So I'll likely attend Microsocial: How Tiny Bits of Data Can Make or Break Your Website;
  3. Random interesting things, like Transitioning from Blog to Vlog, not something I am considering doing anytime soon but I've always been curious about the amount of work, how it affects SEO, etc.;
  4. Big names I haven't seen before: like Gini Dietrich and Danny Brown, the opening and closing keynotes, respectively;
  5. Oh, and you! I want to see you!
In fact, the best part of these local conferences is the opportunity to meet tweeps IRL. And now that I've come out from behind my cartoon avatar, that should make it a little easier for us to find one another. So let's promise to say hello if we spot one another in the crowd, ok?

If I can swing cloning myself balancing my two awesome obligations, Saturday promises to be exhausting in the best of ways. We'll see if that happens. Because there is a good chance that the kids will suck the life out of me. Granted, that's nothing a little coffeine won't fix, right? ;)

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