Uber Nerdy Saturday: Free Comic Book Day and May The 4th Converge!

Saturday is a bit of a nerdfest, given that two supremely nerdy events will converge on the same day: Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day. And this year, it also happens to be the same day as the first sold out Code for Kids workshop at Shopify (which I'll tell you about tomorrow).

But first, FREE COMICS!!! I know that there are still many of you who have no idea about Free Comic Book day although I wrote about it last year. And the year before. But it's ok, some of you are new around these parts so let me fill you in: On Saturday, go to the main Free Comic Book Day website, search for one of the participating comic book shops in your neighbourhood, head down, frag a bag and FILL IT WITH FREE COMIC BOOKS. *mind blown*

Comic book printers produce special editions of comics specifically to hand out on the day, but they're not old and random reprints. There's good stuff in there. Trust me. In fact, I managed to score one of these for my office last year:

Credit: League of Comic Geeks
Spider-Girl on Spider Island. Perfect, right? (Yeah, I know she spells her name wrong)

And the store owners take advantage of the extra traffic to put out tables full of discount editions and other merchandise. So, why do comic book stores participate? As the store owner said in the video below, it's a sign to customers saying, "Here, we love you. Have these comics." Find out more then I`ll fill you in on the second thing that makes this Saturday nerdriffic...

So the second awesome part about Saturday is that it's Star Wars Day: It's May the 4th. I'll let that sink in for a second (for you non-Star Wars fans, say it out loud and add, "be with you" at the end ;)

You can get your Star Wars nerd on with the help of the official Star Wars site: they've got drink ideas, puns, and even a handy top 10 ways to celebrate May the 4th. The most outrageous suggestion: getting a Star Wars tattoo. That's pretty hardcore. (Hmmm....)

Of course, for the perfect mashup you could dress up and head to the comic book store. You'll either be among friends or no one will even notice ;)

Happy Free Comic Book Day, May the 4th be with you. Nerds FTW!

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