7 Geeky Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Remote control BionicOpter by Festo
I've always thought that if aliens landed on Earth right before Mother's Day or Father's Day and turned on a TV, they would have a highly skewed perception of what makes men and women tick. Women being all jewelry, perfume and fashion; and men being BBQs, bacon and tools. I know stereotypes make marketing easy, but ugh.

Now if you feel the same and think you'd like to do something more original than getting Dad some bacon-grilling hardware this year, I've rounded up 7 pretty kewl gadgets that I've featured over the first half of the year, to get your creative shopping juices flowing.
  1. Romo, the cute and interacive smartphone robot
  2. A remote controlled Dragonfly
  3. A hand-cranked cel phone charger from Eton
  4. An automated paper airplane launcher
  5. A 3D printer
  6. Or maybe you were thinking of a new tablet or laptop? Here's a handy guide to help you choose.
  7. And if you want something completely unique, check out these custom 3-D printed Stormtroopers that Disney is offering. Yeah, Dad's head on a Stormtrooper!
If you need more ideas, check out more of my gadget-related posts.

Happy shopping!

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