A Geeky Wedding Bouquet? Yes If It's Made From Comics!

So here's something that never occured to me.

Let's say you started with a super geeky wedding proposal, like this epic Super Mario one.
And then you splurged on some super retro Pac-Man wedding cupcakes.
And rounded things out with epic wedding rings like say, these soundbyte rings depicting the imprints of your voices saying, "I do."
Maybe you steampunk your wedding dress and jewelry or don some kewl cosplay.

So then, what do you carry with you down the aisle?

Clearly, this.

Credit: Casey Knight on Etsy
That, my nerds, is a handmade wedding bouquet crafted from pages of comic books and sheet music.

Comic books. In your bouquet!

Doodes, there is no wedding accessory nerdier that this one. I guarantee it. And I told hubby that if we ever renew our vows, this is the kind of thing I would carry. Or you know, maybe it would make a killer permanent bouquet to keep on display in the house. Hmm, our 15th anniversary is next month... oh hubby, you have time to place an order... ;)

See more amazing paper bouquets on CraftingByKnight's Etsy page.

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