Captain Canuck Is Back! Animated Web Series Launches on Canada Day!

An animated web series will reboot the story of Captain Canuck that was funded through an IndieGogo campaign. A successful campaign that raised slightly more than the required $50,000 to get the project off the ground. (I'm sure the tag line helped a little: Save the Captain so he can save the world!)

Check out the fun campaign video (video 1 below) which includes a short (ok, lightning fast) glimpse of the animation at 2:50. (Don't worry, there's a better preview available in video 2.) Doode looks kick-awesome! (as we say in the Dude's presence)

I love the founders' goal of keeping the series true to its roots, keeping it real. You know, until one of the big studios buys it and adds old Cap to the Avengers... no, I think we're safe.

Be sure to head to the official Captain Canuck site for the web series launch on Monday!!! How patriotic :)

Video 1: IndieGogo Campaign

Video 2: Captain Canuck Web Series Trailer

(Source: CG Magazine)

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