Friday Fun: The Science of Biodiversity Explained Using Microbreweries

So Minute Physics has a sister YouTube channel called MinuteEarth that recently posted a great little video that explains biodiversity using microbreweries to illustrate their point. And since it's Friday, and it's almost the weekend, and it's supposed to be patio weather for the next few days, I thought: yes, this is Friday Fun material.

The analogy is easy to follow and basically comes down to two points:
  • The big guys in the brewing industry (and in nature) capture and use the most valuable resources. They focus on the big hits.
  • The little guys survive by specializing in little niches where the bigger guys don't find value. Just like ferns that grow using the small bits of light that fall through the canopy to the forest floor, light that is of little use to the huge trees that comprise the forest itself.
Simple. Easy to understand. A minute long, and of course, illustrated with cartoons.

Oh, do check out the name of the fake beer brand. Let's be honest, I posted this because the word "Dude" is all over this thing. ;)

So sit back, grab your favourite microbrew, and learn a little about biodiversity. Happy Friday!

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