How To: Get The New Gmail Right Now (And Then Fix It)

Let me make this easy for you. If you already know about the new Gmail and just haven't figured out how to turn it on yet, follow the instructions below. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go here.

Step 1: Turn on the New Gmail Inbox

On Desktop

Log into Gmail.

Click the Settings button

Select "Configure Inbox" from the menu.

A tab configuration window will appear. Choose which tabs you would like to display, and click Save.

Ta-da. New Gmail.

On Android

If Gmail didn't update automatically, head to the Gmail app on the Google Play store and update manually.

On iOS

Head to the App Store on iTunes to download the iOS Gmail update for your iThings.

Step 2: Fix the New Gmail Inbox

Ok, good. Now that you have it, you'll need to fix it.

Why? Because Gmail thinks you prefer to Archive than Delete your content, so it hid the button for delete on the new mobile interface. (As fellow conspiracy theorist @mikelikesburger posits, Google did this because if you archive instead of deleting, they get to mine ALL THE THINGS for data. But if you delete, well, that kind of puts a hamper on them learning all those kewl things about you. BTW, this Mike pointed me to this solution, so Google can blame him for us bypassing their default settings ;)

So, that said, here's how to bring the delete button back on the mobile interfaces: 
Settings > General Settings > Archive and delete actions

Step 3: Enjoy!

Congratulations on your new Gmail inbox. 

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