How To: Make Canada Day Barrhaven Amazing (Call for Volunteers)

If you follow my Twitter stream, you know that I'm not only a fan of Mattamy Homes Canada Day in Barrhaven, but I've also been helping with their web and social media over the past few years thanks to hubby being part of their organizing committee. (At home, we used to call that "Army Volunteer" since my Dad was in the Forces. I call it "Spousal Duty" ;)

But don't let that detract from the shameless plug that follows ;) I'll keep it short.

With only two weeks left before the big day, we are in dire need of volunteers. I hope you consider putting your name forward. Whether you are:
  • a long time resident or new to the community,
  • a parent or a student with community volunteering hours to fill,
  • an attendee of prior Canada Day events, and want to help make it incredible for the 20,000 or so people we expect over the course of the day.
No matter if you can spare an hour or a full day, we would love to have you.

To get involved, contact us through one of the following ways:
If you haven't heard of Canada Day in Barrhaven, it's a family-friendly fun-filled day with music, performances, an incredible headlining band, and even a Midway (which starts on Saturday!). Check out the site for full details.

Whether you can help out or not, I hope to see you there!

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