Kewl Design Alert: Immersive Treadmill Concept Could Mean An End to Boring Runs

Every year, it seems that the good local races fill up earlier and earlier. In fact, September's Army Run Half Marathon filled up this weekend. Far earlier than any other year in its 6 year history. If you were planning to run it, you're out of luck and if you want to settle for the 5k, you need to hurry because it's at 90%.

I used to balk at long races in early Fall because I didn't like the idea of running long distances over the summer. Last year, though, I decided to try it out and found out that once July ends, August temperatures tend to be reasonable for long distances. And our treadmill is helpful to manage long runs when it's just too hot to head outside. Air conditioning and Netflix make for a training win.

But this. This would be incredible. An immersive treadmill I found on Yanko Design. The designers created a more immersive experience by adding an incredibly large screen that can be used to display a runner's favourite places to run. The streets of Paris, your hometown... aw, that's nice.

SCREW THAT! I want to watch movies! On a big screen! On my treadmill! Maybe even in 3d! Can you imagine?

Or what about gaming? How about an immersive running game like Zombies, Run! projected on the screen! Like Xbox 360 Kinect, you could use your running to play a game and earn experience points for running away from zombies! or bad guys!

Do you think they could get on this? Winter will be coming after my next race and I think it would be a lot more fun to run in the tropics or through Portal 2...

Where would you run?

Credit: Yanko Design

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