Lego Steampunk Walking Ship Is Kewl. A Bit Creepy.

Did you ever see the movie Wild Wild West with Wil Smith and Kenneth Branagh? Do you remember Loveless' steampunk spider vehicle/ war machine? This:

Scene from Wild Wild West (Credit: Alternative Non Fiction)
That's what popped into mind when I saw the machine in the video below. Granted it moves a little more fluidly, and is reminiscent of a centipede with all those legs flying about. What's truly impressive is the engineering behind those many legs: the joints and motion are based on a series of kinetic sculptures by Theo Jansen, specifically the Strandbeest (2nd video below). See the explanation of the leg construction and movement starting at 1:45. Wow.

Incredible to think that these were build with Lego and powered by the motors from Lego Mindstorms. An amazing feat of engineering and steampunk design to boot!

Video 1: Lego Steampunk Walking Ship

Video 2: Strandbeest by Theo Jansen

(Source: The Awesomer)

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