Now THIS is How You Do Star Wars Cosplay! Kewlest Wheelchair in The Dark Side

Possibly the most epic cosplay I have ever seen. Oh sure, you might have seen something that lights up, transforms, resembles the character to a T but none of those even come close to this insanely creative Darth Vader Tie Fighter Wheelchair. Oh, yeah.

I came across the pic via Geeks Are Sexy but they got it from a Reddit post. Apparently this was taken at MCM Expo London Comic Con back in May, and it's a kid who was attending with his Dad (according to a Redditor who commented on the pic, and apparently had asked the Dad if he would be able to take a pic of the kid's costume). You should head over to the thread to check out the comments. Some of my faves:
  • That kid is more badass then I'll ever be. - via Nipag
  • I would have yelled "THATS FUCKING AWESOME" and just taken a pic w/o asking, probably pushing his dad out of the way in the process. Would that have been wrong? - via Lisabadcat
  • That would be great if the wheelchair makes the same sound at the tie fighters in the films. Just imagine the kid driving around and just "ERRRRYYEREEEROOOOO" - via BrownEyeBattlecry
  • Followed by: "ERRRRYYEREEEROOOOO" It's like I actually heard it. - by RCShelto < LOL!!
As well as a ton more comments calling the kid badass in various ways and giving props to his parents for this costume.

And can you blame them? I mean, check this out:

Dark side wheelchair cosplay (Credit: Imgur)
Here's another look I found on the Topolino Wheels Facebook page. It looks remarkably like the same kid, right down to the shoes, although there's no official confirmation. The caption on this one is: "Darth Vader (Luke Armstrong) keeps two members of the The UK Garrison on his wing at Official LEGOLAND Windsor's Star Wars Days!" and the pic is clearer:

Credit: Topolino Wheels on Facebook
Seriously awesome. Definitely badass. Now, that, my nerds, is how you do cosplay!

(Source: Geeks Are Sexy) - yes, we are.

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