Psst! Code For Kids Is Back With HTML5 and CSS3: Tickets on Sale Monday!

You might remember that I covered the first workshop back in May, which taught a group of 25 kids to build games using Scratch on a Raspberry Pi computer. The event was really well run and the fantastic Shopify coders were great with the kids. I had a ton of fun - um, I mean, the Dude had a ton of fun!

[Aside: If you didn't catch the post, and you have kids who might be interested in the program, you really should go check out my interview with the organizers and my summary piece about the event.]

Well, if you missed it, here's a bit of good news: My friends over at Code For Kids dropped me a line to let me know that their next workshop is slated for July 7th! Next up, they'll cover HTML5 and CSS3. Here's the best part: there will be 2 workshops for 20 students apiece: one in the morning from 10-1, and the other in the afternoon from 1:30-4:30.
MOAR spaces!

And tickets go on sale MONDAY!

If you think your kids might be interested in coding, then you need to head over to the Code For Kids site and sign up for to get a notification on Monday. And then head over to the site early on Monday to register. And I mean early (like morning, early) because last time it sold out in a couple of hours. There were enough folks who took to the Twitters to lament missing out... so I have a feeling they are going to FAST!

And let me know if you score a ticket! I plan to be there to cover the event again :)

Julian and Edward leading the first Code For Kids session
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