4 Awesome Videos You. Must. Watch.

Last week I made a little pledge to myself that I was going to take things a bit easier this summer and post quick hits: to fun, simple, short bursts of geeky awesomeness to interrupt your day, make you smile and distract you only momentarily from whatever you were supposed to be doing.

And then the Internets just starting freaking exploding with amazingness.

And I couldn't choose!

So here you are: 4 things I discovered this week that made me smile or cringe or stare at in wonderment. Some you may have seen, but the question is... did you watch them all?

Thing 1: The Lego Prosthetic Leg

Ok, maybe you came across this on Facebook or Twitter, but did you watch it all the way through? Did you see how Christina Stephens engineered the piece to work in similar fashion to her original prosthetic? Or more importantly, did you catch her giggling her adorable ass off every time the leg snapped when she tried to walk on it? I've got a total girl crush on her mad Lego skillz, that awesome tattoo and giggly demeanour. (Source: The Mary Sue)

Thing 2: William Shakespeare's Star Wars

Couldn't pass this one up: the promo video for a new novel by Ian Doescher that remagines Star Wars as a Shakespearean tragedy. Nuf sed. (Source: Mashable)

Thing 3: Man At Arms Forges a Real Orcish Battleaxe

Those words might mean nothing to you if you neither play SkyRim nor if you are a SkyRim widow. However, don't let them stop you from watching this master forger create one of the most badass weapons I have ever seen. (Source: Geeks Are Sexy - yes we are)

Thing 4: First-Person View of Parkour (Through Google Glass)

First of all, only watch this if you are not afraid of heights, falling, throwing your body from one building to another or any of the other mind-blowing tricks commonly associated with parkour. This doode wore Google Glass and recorded himself doing the most hair-raising tricks I've seen in a long time. Pretty sure that if I wore and Oculus Rift to watch this, I'd have thrown up or passed out early on. Amazing and petrifying. (Source: The Next Web)

So there you have, it a little mid-week roundup. Hopefully a little something you hadn't seen before. The Internets really need to calm the hell down or this blog is going to be busy this summer!

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