Cuusoo Campaign Yields LEGO Back to the Future Set (On Sale August 1!!)

So this is kind of fun: on Thursday (August 1st), Lego will be releasing a Back to the Future line of kits that were designed by two Lego fans!

Masashi Togami and Sakuretsu submitted their idea on Cuusoo, the crowdsourced Lego concept site where members can post ideas for new Lego sets, and the public can vote for their favourites. You might remember some of the other Cuusoo projects I've written about in the past including this one for the Lego Magic Box and more recently, one for science and tech Lego sets designed around female characters (no, not pink and purple Lego Friends; actual female Lego minifigs).

What makes Cuusoo awesome is that 10,000 votes gets your kit evaluated by Lego and the potential to become a real Lego set. It also nets the designer 1% of the net sales of the kit, which can be huge when you consider how ubiquitous Lego is, all around the world. In this case, the designers are donating their take to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

This kit is likely to be as big a hit with us children of the 80s as with our kids. Between the multiple versions of the Delorean and pieces like the flux capacitor, this is like buying nostalgia in a box. So awesome. Check out some of the pics below. Definitely kewl. Admit it, are you tempted to get this for your own office or study?

Deloreans from the 3 movies
Doc & Marty (in his puffy orange vest). Love!

Flux Capacitor

The set

Apparently the kit will launch with a spelling mistake on the flux capacitor (Did you catch it?). It's minor, but surprising that it made it through QA testing.

Regardless, it's completely geekdorable. Can't wait to get my hands on it (um, for the Dude, of course).

(Source: Lego Cuusoo blog)

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